Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Lord Drayson takes on role of Science Minister

The replacement in the October reshuffle of Ian Pearson as Science Minister by Dr Paul Drayson suggests a significant change in Government thinking on science policy. Unlike Pearson, Drayson is a scientist, graduating from Aston University with a degree in Production Engineering before completing a PhD in robotics. Drayson believes the upgrading of the position to a cabinet post demonstrates Brown’s commitment to the subject and, on confirming his appointment, he said: “To have the opportunity to have responsibility for UK science is an honour and I’m very excited about it.” Pearson moves to the Treasury as Economic Secretary and also Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform.

The appointment of Drayson has been largely received with enthusiasm. “He’s a carbon copy of David Sainsbury” says Ian Gibson MP, as quoted in Research Fortnight, “He’s a scientist, he’s had the experience of running a business – and he drives fast cars.” Drayon’s passion for racing looks set to compliment his new role as he promises to ‘put pedal to metal’, moving away from a culture of reviews and reports instead focusing on implementing change.

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