Friday, 19 September 2008

RCUK Statement of Expertise finds supporters and critics

Following the announcement of the RCUK Statement of Expertise many have come forward, both in criticism and defence of its proposals. The Guardian quotes Philip Esler (chief executive of the Arts and Humanities Research Council) as saying that the RCUK is “moving from a narrowly defined grant condition relating to ‘commercialisation’ to a much more wide-ranging and universal expectation of ‘impact’”. However, Terence Kealey, vice-chancellor of the University of Buckingham, argues that the government should focus on fundamental research. As quoted in Research Fortnight, “The research councils spend £3 billion annually of British taxpayers’ money. The empirical evidence for privately-funded research having much more positive economic benefits than government-funded research is strong. Until RCUK includes the ‘Expectation’ of showing that it is spending its money better than the taxpayer, its statement is but the PR of a vested interest.”

Read Philip Esler’s statement in full

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