Friday, 19 September 2008

Misconduct policy comes under fire

A new standard procedure outlining how universities should investigate allegations of research misconduct issued by the UK research Integrity Office (UKRIO) has come under fire. The new procedure dictates that universities should use at least one external investigator, but only after a complaint has been "screened" by senior staff to decide if it is sufficiently serious. The procedure has faced criticism from those who believe a mandatory system is needed. Aubrey Blumsohn, a campaigner for greater openness in the investigation of misconduct is quoted in THES as saying, "It remains the case that one or more powerful individuals are doing the investigating and the balance of power remains heavily tilted towards those who wish to maintain institutional decorum at all costs. It seems to be an attempt to put something in place to placate critics but is more like a Band-Aid on a cancer."

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Anonymous said...

I think there is a slight misquote here - it should say "institutional decorum"

The Sciblorg said...

Thank you!