Friday, 1 May 2009

Workings of IUSS select committee come under scrutiny

The broad remit and dwindling membership of the Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills (IUSS) committee has been raised as a cause for concern. Set up in 2007, there were originally 14 MPs responsible for monitoring the government department with a budget of £17.5 billion.

The THES reports that recently the number of MPs who attend has dropped to nine ‘making it one of the smallest select committees and, on average, just six MPs attend each committee session’.

Brian Iddon, Labour MP for Bolton South East and member of the IUSS committee suggested that ‘the committee‘s remit was too broad, covering science as well as higher and further education.’ However it vital that the committee functions properly, he added ‘the select committees are the only way now we can scrutinise the executive in detail’.

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