Monday, 8 December 2008

Lab coat off, dancing shoes on.

The winners of the 2009 AAAS/Science "Dance your PhD" contest have been announced. The contest encourages science PhD students to think about their research from an entirely different perspective, the medium of dance. There are four categories:

  • Graduate student
  • Post-Doc
  • Professor
  • Popular Choice
The winners are paired with a professional choreographer and a dance piece is created, interpreting one of the winners peer-reviewed research articles. The piece is performed at the 2009 AAAS Annual Meeting in Chicago in February 2009.

2009 Graduate Student Winner - Sue Lynn Lau (University of Sydney, Australia)
PhD Title: "The role of vitamin D in beta cell function"

See all the 2009 AAAS/Science winners.


dance said...

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Ewa said...

For the "science PhD" time to shine without their lab coats. Although some may argue that lab coats only serve to keep doctors from being confused with patients, they actually serve several vital purposes.