Thursday, 26 July 2007

Biological science courses see increase in applications

The THES is today reporting that applications for biological science courses (full-time undergraduate) have risen 31.3% compared with 2006. This equates to 2816 more applications. Other subjects which have also seen an increase include complementary medicine, evoking strong opinions from some academics. Professor Colquhoun (University College London) has said he is "appalled" by the development. "These courses are basically anti-science. Universities that run them should be ashamed of themselves, they are cashing in on people's wishful thinking when there is no evidence that complementary medicine works". Celia Bell - from Middlesex University, which runs courses in Western and Chinese medicine - said "There are now millions of people seeking complementary medicine treatments, and we have to ensure that the practitioners are safe and competent and properly trained".

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